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Posted By lime on January 24, 2017

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Straight out of Camera
The finished image

The setup for this image

Seen on my morning run, this is a slightly run-down apartment building in the city. I don't know if the bikes are a permanent fixture, but I approve.
Step 1
Starting point, needs some serious work.
Step 2
Auto upright perspective - mimicked the effect of a tilt-shift lens to straighten the vertical lines of the building.
Step 3
Crop - down to a 3:2 perspective (original was 4:3). I tend to keep the ratio of the original shot but this one seemed to suit 3:2 better.
Step 4
Auto tone - lightened the scene automatically and balanced the exposure a bit
Step 5
First graduated filter, centre of shot to top, balance exposure by darkening the upstairs area. Exposure -0.7 stops, contrast +100, highlights -100, shadows 45.
Step 6
Second graduated filter, middle of ground floor downward, to lighten the downstairs area. Exposure +1.1 stops.
Step 7
Further lighten the downstairs area with some overall edits in basic panel. Including the settings made by the earlier auto tone: Exposure +0.55 stops, highlights -20, shadows +65, white clipping +10, black clipping -45, clarity +50
Step 8
Noise reduction: this camera is built for being rugged and going underwater, not taking noise-free pictures. Luminance +35, detail +100.
Step 9
There was a tiny bit of sky on the upper right-hand side that became a bit pronounced and horrible thanks to the previous edits. A spot adjustment with saturation -100 took care of that by whiting it out.
Step 10
Some atmosphere: Temperature +6, just to warm it up a touch, and post-crop vignette -25.
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