Straight out of Camera
The finished image

The setup for this image

This was the /r/photography weekly raw challenge. Image was provided by u/zacxzac. I will claim to have won this thread, but no-one can verify because I have since deleted the account.

The raw file has been lost to time but I've included the original jpeg here.

My aim with the edits was to make the vendor pop out from the picture.
Step 1
Starting point.
Step 2
Radial filter around the vendor

Exposure +1.6 stops, shadows +65, clarity +100
Step 3
Basic panel

Exposure -0.8 stops (to counter the above brightening)
Black clipping -35
Step 4
Lens Corrections

I found that while the row of wigs at the top was straight, then vendor's chair was skewed from our position. I wanted to find a middle-ground between these.
Manual lens correction, horizontal +10
Step 5
Crop & rotate

Now the row of wigs is crooked, but the chair is straighter.
Step 6
Final edit

I've made the vendor pop from the frame, and emphasised the late-afternoon lighting.
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