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Posted By lime on January 8, 2018

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Straight out of Camera
The finished image

The setup for this image

This is the weekly challenge picture on /r/editmyraw

Link to thread
Image credit: Johnathan Heinrich on WeSaturate.

My edits are reasonably subtle when taken as a whole, but it was a nice opportunity to try finessing things rather than just upping the exposure and calling job done. I wanted to keep the contrast between the dark street and bright sky, but let both still be seen.
Step 1
Starting point. The image was exposed for the sky (post storm perhaps?), leaving the buildings underexposed.
Step 2
To lighten the foreground, in basic panel I went for Shadows +100. To bring the shadows back, Highlights -30, whites +10, blacks -30.
Step 3
Graduated filter over the right-hand side buildings, increasing the exposure by 1.4 stops and shadows -60 - again to lighten them while keeping the contrast.
Step 4
I felt the zebra crossing needed a bit of emphasis. Graduated filter here with clarity +45 and shadows +50, then exposure -0.6 and highlights -20 to bring that back to earth.
Step 5
At this point I had washed out the lower part of the sky a bit, so I used the direct adjustment tool to bring the yellows and oranges. This also brightened up the yellow and orange buildings a tad.

It's pretty debatable whether this is a good adjustment.

HSL : Luminance.
Orange -50
Yellow +15
Green +15
Aqua +15
Blue +100
Step 6
After all the adjustments, the image was looking rather warm, so I brought the temperature down a touch, 4500 -> 4200.
Step 7
Finally, because I could (not because it needed it), I did an auto level adjustment. Done.
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