Straight out of Camera
The finished image

The setup for this image

This is my entry from the first /r/photography weekly raw contest, thread here:

I've long since lost the RAW file, and the online version was deleted from whatever dropbox it was being hosted on.

Here are all of the other edits submitted:
Step 1
Starting Point
Step 2
Lens Corrections
Auto upright perspective correction.
Step 3
Manual Lens Corrections
Distortion +100 Vertical -27 Aspect -100 This bent the vertical lines, exaggerating the bending as you go further away from the middle.
Step 4
To centre the image
Step 5
Basic Panel
Exposure +0.35 stops Clarity +50 Saturation -25 (will selectively increase saturation later) Colour temp 5450 -> 4870, to cool the image
Step 6
Hue, Saturation, Luminance Panel
Saturation: Orange +55, Blue +80 (slightly increase saturation of the blue sky and orange sunrise) Luminance: Orange -85, Blue -100 (darken/deepen the blue and orange)
Step 7
Graduated Filter
Horizontal from middle to bottom. Shadows +90 - to lighten the road
Step 8
Post-Crop Vignette
Amount -30, everything else at defaults
Step 9
Noise Reduction
Luminance +40 (not really noticeable except at 100%). The original image was not noisy, but all of the above edits introduced noise.
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